“How do you do, fellow kids?” (Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash)

The newsletter

Semi-Online is an independent newsletter about an older millennial experiencing two extreme contrasts: having an increasingly digitized and ‘datafied’ life, and relearning to spend more time offline.

The newsletter began in December 2021 as Very Online. But I changed the name in June 2023 because… well, I’m not as online now as I was then. 🤣️ I’ve also become that person who’s becoming more clueless about what’s going on. (Admit it: the whole world has a lot going on right now.) So if we’re going to follow the definition of Very Online or Extremely Online strictly, I’m not it anymore.

As in version 1.0, I’ll still talk about the technologies we rely on daily, and the new habits and changing opinions we form around and about them. And I’ll keep focusing on the Philippines and Southeast Asia, unlike most tech websites and newsletters targeting Western or Global North readers.

But Semi-Online will also feature some ‘analog’ detours. Examples would be the longform content I’ve seen/read and like a lot, and some personal life and work updates. Maybe I’ll also show some works in progress on the literary side of things if I feel like it, or some low-tech or no-tech hobbies.

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The newsletterer

I’m KC Calpo, a writer, editor, and blogger based in Metro Manila, Philippines.

I’d tell you more, but I think my brain stayed offline.